Carbon Gold, a supplier of biochar products to professional crop growers and tree care specialists around the world, is launching a new range of products for home-growers and gardeners.

2020 saw a surge in demand for Carbon Gold biochar – a high- carbon form of charcoal that is used in soil to boost plant health and vitality – as locked-down Brits discovered a renewed love of gardening.

Until now, Carbon Gold’s 100% peat-free, FSC certified and Soil Association approved biochar products have only been available in bulk sizes, tailored for the needs of commercial crop growers and tree care professionals. Now, the company is responding to increased demand with a new product range offering its bestselling biochar compost and fertiliser products in gardener-friendly pack sizes.

Biochar acts like natural magic in your garden, with significant and permanent benefits. It improves the soil and plant health, reduces the impact of pests and diseases and is better for nature because plants require less watering. Ideal for every task in every garden, including containers, you get great results fast, from better fruit and veg to bigger, longer-lasting flowers.

In the same way exercise makes people less prone to health complications, plants grown in Carbon Gold biochar have been shown to be more resilient in the face of a wide range of environmental factors, diseases and pests, including drought, honey fungus, root mat, ash dieback and replant disease, because it makes them stronger and healthier. Biochar is also so high in carbon that using it lowers your carbon footprint: for every kilo you put in the ground, three kilos of harmful CO2 are permanently sequestered from the atmosphere.

Mike Hartshorn, Managing Director of Carbon Gold, says, “2020 sparked a gardening revolution and our sales spiked 243%. To make it easier than ever for gardeners to introduce our natural magic to their gardens, we are introducing these more manageable, gardener-friendly pack sizes. The packs are designed to provide all the information you need to give your garden a boost just in time for Summer.”

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