XTMfence® fabricated fencing systems are world renowned for their durability and market leading quality.

Made in Christchurch, New Zealand by leading innovators and manufacturer EuroSteel, using only the highest quality raw materials in their state-of-the-art production facility, Xfence has been tried and proven in the harshest conditions and most testing applications across the globe.

But what is it that separates Xfence from the rest?

EuroSteel sources only the finest iron-ore produced, this is made into commercial grade billet feed. The billet is then sent to a world class processing plant which turns the raw Iron-ore billet into the class leading wire used in the manufacturing of Xfence.

The wire is then sent through for its two coatings of Zinc/Aluminium. The gas wipe coating differs from other manufacturers as it allows
the wire an even spread of the Zinc/ Aluminium layer. Often when coated other methods can leave an uneven coating which promotes patchy wear and decreased time until rust appears. More common processes only use a zinc alloy coating for the wire, which does not provide
all levels of protection as well as being less ductile and more prone to cracking when tying off. Xfence wire coating gives up to three times the  lifespan over equivalent zinc coated wire.

EuroSteel’s plant is home to five modern fencing machines that operate 24 hours a day manufacturing 700tn a month equivalent to 1,120,000 metres per month of fabricated fence.

Their point of difference is that all products are produced with a one piece vertical wire and 10t pressed X knot joint. This innovative process has revolutionised the wire market and the original Xfence wire netting has led the way since its conception in 2006. Eurosteel have full traceability throughout their procurement process from the raw feed billet through to the manufacturing process, to provide world class levels of quality assurance and control. They are also the world leaders in agility manufacturing; no one pattern or size fits all, they have the ability to create quick turnaround times and produce niche products to order.

Enter McVeigh Parker. As with all good business partnerships McVeigh Parker and EuroSteel’s relationship began with a pint and a shared desire for innovation. Shortly after June 2006 the first Xfence containers arrived in the United Kingdom to be solely distributed through McVeigh Parker’s network. 13 years later and over 14,520,000 metres have gone through their branches, sold to many blue chip industries along with landowners looking for a lasting return on their investment. This achievement was recognised in 2018 when McVeigh- Parker were winners of the RHASS Gold Technical Innovation Award for their Triple X fencing system in conjunction with Xfence’s stiff stay wire netting.

Xfence is made to last, leave nothing to chance.

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