Strong team and good tackle reaps rewards

Tom Gaisford came back from France after 2 years working in the forestry sector and started Tom Gaisford Fencing Ltd in 2001. The company was started as fencing and forestry, but after 18 months mainly concentrated on the fencing. “After 19 years in the fencing world we know what works and what doesn’t. Since 2004 when timber treatment was changed there have been no end of problems with timber failure, but as a company we have always tried to use the best product on the market, which means we have been lucky to escape some of the problems people have been having. By always using the best we have given ourselves a good reliable name. I employ 4 top men who are great workers and reliable and have been with me for 11 years doing a superb job. I also have 2 self-employed guys who are increasingly being asked for their services too.

Bryce Suma have played a big part in building the business going back to 2003 when I bought my first Bryce Profi from Jock, which of course was one of his early designs. Since then we have had five, some of which have been different models and it is the performance and reliability that wins us over.”

“The 180 Pro was purchased at the beginning of this year and it’s been a very valuable addition to our fencing armoury. The versatility is fantastic – being able to work off either side and at any angle no matter how steep the ground. We erect all types of fencing and have just completed a very large deer contract using sawn timber. All the strainers were 10′ x 8”x8” and the 180Pro handled these with no problem – all 185 of them knocked in with ease. The machine works a treat, it took a bit of getting used to after tractormounted machines but we are all dead chuffed with it and love it. The power slew feature is great for stability and added traction where required, and the auto power lock is a must for keeping posts in line with the mast. The machine came with a rockspike as standard and can’t be faulted for power and operation.”

“I could write an essay on the 180Pro but in a few words I would only say the build quality is exceptional and the Bryce DOES IT ALL AND A LOT MORE”.

Tom Gaisford Fencing Ltd Tel : 07813 798133

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