The cold and damp months of the year can often cause standard strapping to lose strength and deteriorate to the point of snapping! Such instances can result in a financial loss as items are lost or damaged, and this can have a knock-on effect on project lead times and profit margins!

This is why TuffStrap™ Composite Polyester Strapping is specially designed using the latest innovation in strapping technologies. The range offers strapping from 13mm to 25mm wide, with a breaking strength up to 1000kg. All sizes are made from high-tenacity woven yarns with an additional long-lasting polymer coating which provides outstanding strength and durability in all weather conditions as it’s UV and waterresistant.

As the range is made from premium-quality materials, TuffStrap™ is able to remain soft, flexible, and shock-absorbent even when exposed to direct sunlight, heavy rain, snow, or frost. It is also resistant to chemicals and will not rot or decay with age if placed in storage – making it the top choice for many outdoor and seasonal businesses.

TuffStrap™ is as strong as steel strapping yet weighs six times less – making it very versatile and cost-effective, as well as easy to use with a range of strapping tools. Polyester strapping is also safer and user-friendly as it does not “ping” when cut and can be handled without gloves, making it safe to use with most products as it does not damage the stock and keeps items secure in storage or in transit.

A Kwikpac representative said: “Our TuffStrap™ composite strapping range has been a favourite amongst the fencing industry for a number of years now due to its quality and reliability. It can be re-tensioned as required and will always retain tension if secured correctly. For optimum results, we always recommend our customers pair TuffStrap™ with our TuffBuckle™ galvanised strapping buckles – these are uniquely manufactured to offer 10-20% increased buckle efficiency compared to generic buckles sold on the market. Our buckles, of course, are Bondmark™ approved which guarantees 100% conformity to an international standard!”

Request your TuffStrap™ Polyester Strapping demo today and see the difference to your packing process. Find out more by visiting www.kwikpac.co.uk or calling 01592 650700.

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