It has often been said that “where there is muck there is money” although I would have to question the truth of those sentiments, I would more phase it “where there is muck there is a problem” this is where Westermann comes in with a “solution”.

For the above statement Mr Alfons Westermann decided that where there is muck there must be a solution and so in 1989 he started his own company building quality sweepers and scrapers to tackle this problem head on.

Westermann based in Germany have a range of products for almost every application from municipal green keeping, moss and weed removal to agricultural barn hygiene and fodder pushing in feeding passages etc.

The Northern Ireland connection with these products began in the early part of 2020 with Mr Aaron McFarland from Fintona Co. Tyrone taking on the agency for the entire product range. Aaron comments: “First of all what I like about these products are the build quality and finish to these machines. Secondly the simplicity of the machine is brilliant, I have always said that simple things of life are always best, no one wants unnecessary sophistication involved in the operating or maintenance of any machine, it just creates so many problems for everyone. Thirdly the end result of using the machine gives brilliant results every time whether its moss or weed removal or scraping rotten feed waste or cow manure the products just perform exactly the way they were intended to.“

The moss brush and weed riper pedestrian machines come with a one year manufacturers warranty
are powered by reliable Honda GXV 160 petrol engine which has a 3 year commercial warranty. The belt driven brush head can be driven clockwise or anticlockwise which is very useful for both sweeping and the shifting of the weeds and moss, a windrow maker is available this ensures that the moss can be contained and not scattered over an already cleaned area.

It must be said at this point that my main interest in taking on the Westermann products was my love of the stand on electric scraper. However sales of the sweepers have far out sold the scrapers which proves the point that the end user and customer will always have the final say in what sells, and it is nice to be a part of it.

Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words and that is true, so today as you view the products pictured in this paper I invite you to try one for yourself. I believe the product is sensibly priced and represents good value for money. Quality doesn’t come cheap nor do I even like the term cheap, cheapest is generally associated with poor quality, poor finish, poor results and more times than enough costs more money and more time being wasted in the long run. The price of these machines are I believe are a good reflection of their quality and their usefulness. I have recently sold two moss brushes to our local hire shop J.B. Plant Hire near Omagh. Some folk even phoned me to tell me they had hire one of these machines and couldn’t believe how well it performed and how simple it was to use, this has been my overwhelming response to the product, it does exactly what it is designed to do and in a user friendly manner.

The stand on electric scraper and the ride on petrol scraper range are now really only being considered as farmers are making preparations for winter housing again. The stand on scraper has an operating time of 1 ½ hours with a recharge time of 3 hours, the ride on scraper offers many more options from a basic mechanical scraper with a pull start, to electric start with hydraulics enabling the additional fitting of side sweeper brush for cubicle cleaning and also a front or rear sawdust dispenser.

The final product on display today is the petrol post driver, this is not a Westermann product but rather this is manufactured by Christie in Australia. Again, it does exactly what its title suggests, it drives fence posts another very common job on any farm whether carried out by the farmer or a fencing contractor. It performs superbly with minimal operator effort.

Aaron has recently appointed two sub dealers to cover the Westerman and Christie range, in the North Aaron appointed Hunter Kane & Son in Ballycastle Uel 07860621461 Joshua 07521867843 and in the east Andrew McMullan Machinery in Ballyward 07784341212 with Aaron himself covering the west of the province.

This is just a brief summary of the products on display today for more information on prices, specifications and applications please contact Aaron McFarland 46 Tonnagh Road, Fintona Co. Tyrone, BT78 2JJ Tel: 028 82 841 159 Mob: 07872666310 / 07485092744

Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

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