Conditions outside are tough. In the Spring and Summer, heat and UV will take their toll on traditional materials. But there is a range of fencing that will last a lifetime.

HAHN fences, made from hanit® recycled plastic, are perfect for all applications, they are robust, modern and eco-friendly and will remain rot and splinter-free for life. HAHN fences are made from 100% recycled plastic, using a specific blend of waste ingredients that guarantee a high-quality product. We are so confident in the superiority of our products that we offer a 20-year warranty against defects in design and material*.


The truth is hanit® is more expensive to buy than wood. However, wood will cost up to twice as much over the lifetime of a fence. However, wood needs to be treated around every seven years and replaced every 10–15 years, if not sooner. If you add in the treatment and replacement costs needed for a wooden fence, within just 12 years hanit® becomes the cheaper product.

In fact, after 28 years, a hanit® fence is cheaper than traditional wood and hanit® fencing will continue to provide excellent value for money for many more years to come.

Whether you are looking for round top pales for a traditional design or square top pales to achieve a finish that will provide ultimate privacy from both sides of the fence, we have a variety of options to choose from.


Above all, hanit® is highly versatile thanks to its product-specific composition. We find the right recipe for every application and manufacture every one of our 2000+ products in-house, in manufacturing facilities that stretch across the UK, Germany and Canada.

For information: 0161 850 1965 contact@hahnplastics.co.uk


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