It’s nearly thirty years since Tim Wright set to work on building his first pioneering postknocker. Fast forward to 2021 and Tim’s engineering skills are still being put to good use in cementing WRAG’s reputation as a key player within a very competitive and vibrant market.

Tim, together with wife Carolyn, have established WRAG as a dynamic and innovative family firm within the UK fencing sector. Based in the rural Derbyshire Staffordshire borderlands, WRAG now employs nine staff and exports across Europe and the USA.

That dynamism and innovation is ably reflected in their WRAGTRACKmachines. Launched around two years ago, the WRAGTRACK is available in two distinct models; the WRAGTRACK Opus and the TOW-IT.

Tim explained: “We have been supplying track-mounted postknockers for over 15 years but, a few years ago, we took the decision to manufacture each machine from scratch in our own workshops. We were actively looking to improve the efficiency and balance of each machine through engineering refinements and the WRAGTRACK was the result.

“The WRAGTRACK is an efficient and effective, labour saving machine that offers lots of flexibility and functionality out in the field.

“The WRAGTRACK Opus is the bigger machine weighing in at 3250Kg and, whilst it cannot be towed legally, it does offer a high degree of versatility for contractors. It comes into its own with deer fencing, for instance, made so much easier.

“It operates off a 1.8m track base with a strong, purpose-built chassis helping to reduce twisting and bending. It features a two-speed operation, automatic hydraulic brakes, a 200 degree swing, a central post carrier and a front bumper that is designed specifically for protection and winch attachment.

“The TOW-IT is also a wellbalanced machine. With weights starting at 2450Kg, it can be legally towed on UK roads. It offers similar specifications to the Opus model with the additional benefits of easy transportation.

“All of our machines are designed and manufactured by ourselves on a bespoke basis with the vast majority of components also sourced within the UK. Those are big selling points in this current era.

“Each machine boasts a Yanmar 36Hp, tier five engine, built-in Japan, that delivers far lower emissions and higher levels of operational efficiency.

“We really do treat every customer’s requirements with the same level of diligence with every new machine constructed from scratch to meet their personal requirements,” added Tim, an engineer by trade who hails from farming stock.

Carolyn added: “The WRAGTRACK machines mean that one contractor can do the job on his own saving on additional labour costs and reducing the time taken to get the job done. We really do take efficiency importantly with Tim and the team constantly working on ways of improving operational performance.

“We are all about making the best machines we can possibly make for each and every customer. We treat them all as unique, valued partners and it’s therefore vital that we offer a high quality of post-sale support and advice.

“In what is a thriving market, we have to seek ways of standing out. That requires constant innovation and improvement as well as a commitment to manufacturing all of our machines in-house using British skills and products,” added Carolyn.

WRAG boasts a booming order book with business thriving despite the myriad logistical and supply chain pressures currently operating on UK manufacturing.

Tim went on “There are lots of grants and funding streams currently available to help farmers and contractors invest in new machinery and more efficient working practices. There’s also a lot of high profile civil engineering projects on the go that require professionally delivered fencing solutions.

“One thing is clear. There is a high demand for tracked postknocker machines due to savings on labour. WRAG aims to remain a pioneer by listening to and acting upon customer feedback. We have to constantly innovate and manufacture to the highest possible standards. No business operating in this sector can afford to stand still!” added Tim.

It might be almost three decades since Tim manufactured his first groundbreaking postknocker but the same drive and passion are still very much evident.

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